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We are excited to announce the joining of Refice and Associates with our team. Feel free to call the office to get more details. They are looking forward to continuing the same great care, under different management. 

570 209 9898

Together, we can change the course of your story.

Therapy is a very personal and unique experience. At Turning Tides, our goal is to assist you in reaching your potential for growth, healing, and insight by utilizing your strengths and our training to reach maximum results. Turning Tides offers services that include in-office psychotherapy, teletherapy, couples counseling, and supervision. We have day, night, and weekend hours to fit your schedule and needs. Call today for a complimentary phone consultation to see if one of us at Turning Tides is the right fit for you.


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A Bit About Therapy

People consider therapy for a variety of reasons. Often, it is because we have come to realize that we are not reaching our full potential for happiness. Adjusting to changes in our lives, burnout, mental illness, or relationship issues, can get in the way of our happiness and personal growth. Therapy can be a way to regain a sense of control. We can shift how we respond to our environment or past and start implementing the changes we want to see in our lives.  If you are reading this and thinking, “yes, I want to change something in my life,” therapy may be for you. 

Considering therapy can feel very daunting. It is normal to feel nervous and uncertain about the process. Some things to know; therapy is confidential, meaning I will not discuss what you tell me with anyone without your knowledge, including the fact that you are in treatment.  Therapy is not about getting advice. You are your own expert and I use my training to help navigate what you want to be different and help shed insight on what you might be missing.  Last, therapy is something that we do together. This means we have a working relationship toward your goals and you can expect your therapist to give unbiased feedback, encourage you to consider new ideas, skills, or behaviors, and provide you with support and encouragement. 

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Albert Einstein

Call Us Today!


Please note that not all emails are HIPPA compliant. Please do not leave detailed mental health information in emails. Messages should include the best number and times to reach you and whether a message can be left if we do not reach you by phone. All attempts will be made for a prompt response back. If this is a mental health emergency, please contact 911 or go to the neared ER.

3218 Pittston Ave, Suite #8, Scranton, PA 18505

650 Boulevard Ave, Dickson City, PA 18519

421 S State St, Clarcks Summit, PA 1841


570-383-0063 (Fax)

Looking forward to hearing from you !


Our Scranton office is located on Pittston Ave, with the entrance on Warner. It is a block from the Davis St/ Pittston intersection. Easy access from I 81. 

Our second office in on Boulevard Ave, off of Main St in Dickson City, less than a mile from I 81. 

The Clarks Summit Office is located on S State Street on the main strip for easy convenience. 

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