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Discreet and convenient option

From our couch to your quiet place for discreet and convenient self-care time. 

Teletherapy offers you the chance to have therapy with a skilled provider that is not necessarily in your neighborhood. This increases your sense of privacy and decreases the need to make your professional network smaller. It also provides you the ability to get your therapy session in when it is convenient for you. Your session can fit within your schedule. No commute time to account for, no braving the elements for session, no need to cancel if you are feeling slightly under the weather or have a sick child at home for the day. 


Teletherapy has been offered at Turning Tides since Oct 2019. At this time, all staff at Turning Tides are providing teletherapy, so feel free to call today to see if one of us fits for you.  Pending on your reasoning for seeking therapy, we will provide a 15 minute free consultation to help you both determine if online therapy is the right fit for you at this time.

Considering Teletherapy services?

Here are some recent articles on the topic. 

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