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Family's dealing with addiction

Addiction is often devastating, not just for the individual living with addiction, but it also affects the families as well. Often if you have not personally suffered from addiction, the steps to helping a loved one are confusing and create a level of frustration and helplessness as attempts to help start to fail. 

There are several free resources in the public for individuals dealing with addiction in their families. At the bottom of the page are several websites linking to free or low cost resources and potential peer support groups in your area. 

Other time, families need or prefer more direct or professional services. Dr. Johanson and other clinicians at Turning Tides have extensive professional experience working within the substance abuse community and provide short term individual/ couples/ family sessions to those who feel underwater understanding addiction or the process of recovery.


These sessions can be with or without the family member struggling with addiction, however, please be aware, we do not provide surprise interventions, nor engage in treatment when all parties are not in agreement to participate. Instead these sessions are to help you better understand what may be happening with your family member and ways that you can be supportive, helpful, and ways to not hinder their recovery. Please be aware that we can not diagnose or give treatment recommendations for individuals not in treatment with us. Again, these sessions are more about support and education for you, the family member. Individual therapy for individuals living with addiction are also available here at Turning Tides. 


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