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Growth happens at all stages

Supervision is often thought of as part of the training process and ends with licensure. However, in this age of high volume client loads, supervision can be beneficial at any stage.

Dr. Carrie Johanson has a passion for supervision and has provided clinical and professional supervision, consultation, and mentorship for both licensed and pre-licensed psychologists as well as doctoral and masters level students throughout her career in various settings. Taking a feminist and developmental approach, she believes that personal growth and awareness is vital to seeing how you, as a human, with unique beliefs and feelings affects the professional parts of yourselves, while balancing skill and conceptualization development, pending on the stage of growth you are at. 

Currently, supervision is available in person and through tele-options (pending on supervisees needs, i.e., licensure requirements). Individual and group supervision are available. Pending on your circumstances, rates may be offered on a sliding scale. 

LPC Supervision coming soon!

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